Here are a selection of questions I get asked all the time…

I’m new to all this…help!

Fear not! If you’re new to buying then just drop me a line using the ‘contact me’ page, then you can ask me any questions you have so I can guide you through your first time! :)

When I order, what can I expect?

Once you’ve decided which items take your fancy, you can then complete the order form. You’ll have the opportunity to let me know how many days you’d like the item worn for, as well as any extras you’d like (don’t be shy with your requests, I’m open to all suggestions). You’ll then get an email from me so we can discuss any extras :) Once your item has been worn, I then seal the item, wrap it in tissue paper with a hand-written card, and package it in a discreet padded envelope, and mailed 1st class (free of charge for UK addresses).

How many days should I request?

That really depends on your personal preference…each order is worn for 24 hours, which leaves a light scent, whereas 48 hours will be more musky and intense. It’s also worth noting that my taste and scent will vary at different times of the month too ;) Extra wear works out as follows:

2 Days Wear: £8                                                                                                                        

3 Days Wear: £19

Will my panties arrive still wet?

I’ve done quite a bit of experimenting with my panties and whilst we all love wet panties, no matter how well they’re packaged, they tend to just go a bit odd, so I let mine dry before sealing them in to keep them fresh. If you would prefer me to seal them whilst wet, just let me know, although please note that I cant be held responsible if they go a bit funky in the mail…

Can I have extra pictures?

Of course, you can order these along with your chosen item, or just on their own. I love doing custom photos, just let me know if you have any specific requests and fantasies…

How long will I have to wait?

This depends, sometimes you might only have to wait a day or two, occasionally I have a wait time of up to three weeks. I’ll always let you know as soon as you place an order, and i’ll keep you updated as to when you can expect your naughty delivery

How can I pay?

I accept bank transfer (UK only), and online gift cards (please message me if you’d like to use the gift-card option as my preference varies)

Do you have a wishlist?

Yes – you can check them out here! I love surprises, and I’ll send you pictures of me in them (unless you’re kind enough to buy me a textbook – although I guess I could pose with that :P )

I don’t want anyone to find out that I’m buying panties…

While my privacy is very important to me, yours is equally so – I will never distribute your personal details to anyone, and all packages are discreet, so your nosy neighbours wont get their mitts on them!

How do I know you’re genuine? 

Each order comes with 3 pictures of me wearing the item, and if there’s anything you’d like me to do to prove that it’s me in the pictures, such as writing your name on my bum ;), I’m happy to do so! I’m also Panty Trust Verified, which means I’ve been independently verified, click here to see my Panty Trust Seal. If you’d like to find out more about how Panty Trust protects both buyers and sellers, click here. I’m also a volunteer at PT :)

Do you smoke?

Nope, horrid habit! My panties wont smell of anything else but me, I wear perfume but not in places near enough to my panties to be overpowering. Conversely, if you’d like me to add a bit of perfume to my panties, just let me know!

I don’t live in the UK…

Unless you live in the Arctic Circle, there’s a good chance I’ll be able to deliver to you! Just choose the Europe/International option on the order form.

What wont you do?

Please don’t contact me about meet-ups, showing my face, taking part in porn or threesomes with the neighbours….I’m not down for that kind of thing ;)

What are those marks on your back?! Are you really accident-prone?!

So many people ask me this – the marks on my lower back is a birthmark! I’m not just really clumsy ;)

If you have further queries about my terms of service, you can see my T&C’s