New Panties!

Evening panty lovers!

Exciting news – lots of new panties are now up for grabs! Yippee! I’ve also added a ‘Preloved’ section on the drop-down menu for those of you who prefer older, more worn panties!

Hope everyone has had a suitably kinky weekend…


Dr Thong x

New Panties!

Hey all!

I the madness of January I realised that whilst I’d posted some new panties, I forgot to blog about them! Oops! A few have already gone to new homes but there’s still plenty more!

Hope everyone had a super sexy Valentine’s Day too!


Dr Thong xxx

Happy New Year!

Hello my lovelies!

Happy new year, I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year! Just a quick note to say that I’ve been pretty unwell over the holiday period so there’s a bit of a delay with emails and orders – if you’re waiting to hear from me, hang tight, I’ll get to you!

I also finally have new panties for you all! Just need to post pictures now which I’ll hopefully be doing in a week or so! Hurrah!

Big kisses,

Dr Thong xxx

My Christmas Special!


So, it’s now officially December and I cant feel my toes…must mean it’s almost Christmas!

To celebrate, I’m offering the chance for five panty-fiends to add more of my goodies to their collection…..5 pairs for only £50! Festive!

It can be any pair, any style, and you can have all five together or spread out over time – the choice is yours! :) Due to shipping costs, this offer is only available for those living in the UK.

If this takes your fancy, just head over to my Christmas Special page and place your order!

Love and festive kisses,

Dr Thong x

New goodies in my knicker drawer!

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all having a good autumn so far (not that it feels like it here in London town, tropical weirdly!). As promised, I have lots of new goodies to share with you all! First of all, I’ve made a special ‘Sale’ tab on my site, so it’s a lot easier to see what exciting things are on offer rather than having to trek through each page! :)

I’ve added lots of new thongs and a pair of hold-ups, and I’ve also added some more unusual items that I often get requests for – I thought I’d make it easier for the both of us than people having to enquire all the time :) SO, there’s one of my kinky sex toys, which comes used by me after a naughty little session alone, although it can be customised to whichever requests you may desire ;) There’s also one of my pillow cases, which again can be specially prepared to your own preferences! One of the biggest requests I get is for handkerchiefs (or pussychiefs) – and I finally figured I’d dive in and offer them on here! They’re super discreet if you cant be seen to be buying panties for whatever reason, and I usually wear them inside my panties for a full day and night before stuffing them :) Finally, I’m sharing a pair of my crotchless panties with you :D Despite their name, they actually do soak up juices quite well, although not a replacement for the full panty experience, so good for those who like a lighter, kinky option. Just look at them!



Anyway! That’s all from me for the moment, I hope you enjoy my new goodies! *big kisses*

Dr Thong x

Global Panty Sale!

Hey hey hey!

So, after my previous little sale for UK customers before I was due to move house, I was feeling a little guilty that my international panty lovers couldn’t take part…so now that I’ve settled into my new flat – here it is! *cue fanfare*

In each panty category (thongs, knickers and boyshorts) I’ve selected a few pairs which are now only £15! That’s a whole £10 off! Hurrah!  :D This is open to absolutely everyone, I just ask that international buyers cover their shipping costs as per usual :)

Enjoy, my lovelies!

Dr T x

Thong HQ on the move!

Evening y’all!

Not a particularly thrilling post coming up but just wanted to drop in and say hi! As I mentioned before I’m having to move house (urgh) – I’ve now left my flat and am spending a month floating about various parts of the country until (fingers crossed) my new flat gets sorted! I can’t wait to get in and get sorted so I can start doing more exciting things with pantyland!

Despite all my roaming for the moment, I am taking orders as per usual and I’m extending my UK sale offer until the very end of this month, so there’s another few weeks yet! Hurrah!

Regular visitors to my knicker drawer may have noticed that I haven’t been posting new pairs of panties/socks etc…that’s because I’ve had to pack up all my beloved panties and bring them around everywhere with me in a little suitcase! Once I’m in my new flat I’m going to go on a little shopping spree and add loads of new numbers to my collection, so fear not!

I hope you’re all having a super summer!


Dr T x