Happy Friday!

Hey hey Pantyland!

I haven’t blogged in a while so just thought I’d drop by and say hello with a cheeky pic! I hope everyone is having a super December and looking forward to Christmas!


Dr T x


New Panties!

Evening Pantyland! I hope everyone is having a super weekend!

I have lots of new panties in each category! Hurrah! Personal faves are this gorgeous Brazillian pair…


and these super soft lycra feel panties



Enjoy! :D Also, thank you for your sweet messages regarding my last blog post! I’m still trying to find a way to continue with them, and will keep you posted. Anyway, I’ll let you all get back to your Saturday evenings!

Much love,

Dr T x

Not a Pornstar…

Hi all,

Bit of a serious post! Many of you have noticed the large gap since the first video was out….I’m afraid it’s a short-lived venture…and I’ll explain why.

It’s been brought to my attention that my video was posted on a number of porn sites. Whilst I realise that many of my pictures traverse the web, I am less than impressed with my videos being distributed in this way. It’s not copyright I’m worried about (my videos are watermarked so it’s obvious they’re mine), nor is it privacy, as I’m not identifiable – it’s just more on principal. I make my videos for a small number of people to enjoy – I’m not a wannabe pornstar, glamour girl or anything of the ilk, I really am just the girl next door! I don’t want to have to just stop my videos after only one month, but until I find another way to stop this distribution to all and sundry, I’m afraid I’ll be putting it on hold.

Anyway, I hope you understand my reasoning behind this, and I hope I can find a solution soon as I enjoyed doing July’s video! :)

Best wishes,

Dr Thong x

August Update!

Hey hey my Pantyland lovelies!

Just wanted to drop by and say hello – I’ve been pretty quiet the past three weeks as I’ve been trying to work my summer holidays and have been pulling 60 hour weeks – so I’ve not had as much time to hang around Pantyland as I’d have liked! I will be doing an August video…it just wont be released until September (again, the whole crazy hours have meant I haven’t had the time to dedicate to making something I’m happy with)! But I will release a September one too, so you’ll get 2 in one month! Fear not!

I’ll also be panty shopping in two weeks so keep your eyes peeled for more goodies!

Much love,

Dr T x

My first monthly video is here!

Dreary Monday? Well, I have some exciting news! At last! It’s here! Here for your very own enjoyment! The wait is over! *fanfare* My first monthly video is now up for you all to enjoy! You can find the new video section under My Panties>Monthly Video! or by clicking here to find out all about it and how you can get your paws on it!

July’s video was so fun to do, I’d forgotten how much I enjoy making them ;)

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 18.09.54

In other panty news, I have no queue for the next four or so days before mother nature pays a trip – if you were planning on ordering your next pair – let me know soon!


Dr Thong x

Summer Special Offer for 3 Panty Lovers!

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a super weekend!

You might remember around Christmas time when I ran a special offer of 5 pairs of panties for only £50? Well it’s back! Wahey!

This time, it can be any five items from my website; panties, bras, socks, tights, bikinis etc! You can choose to have all 5 items at the same time or spaced out over any period of time that suits you! What’s not to love! As per the last time, this offer is only available to Dr Thong fans in the UK (due to mailing costs) and must be paid via bank transfer.

I’m only making this offer available to three lucky folks on a first-come-first serve basis, so if you’d like to avail of it, please contact me here!


Dr Thong x