Global Panty Sale!

Hey hey hey!

So, after my previous little sale for UK customers before I was due to move house, I was feeling a little guilty that my international panty lovers couldn’t take part…so now that I’ve settled into my new flat – here it is! *cue fanfare*

In each panty category (thongs, knickers and boyshorts) I’ve selected a few pairs which are now only £15! That’s a whole £10 off! Hurrah!  :D This is open to absolutely everyone, I just ask that international buyers cover their shipping costs as per usual :)

Enjoy, my lovelies!

Dr T x

Thong HQ on the move!

Evening y’all!

Not a particularly thrilling post coming up but just wanted to drop in and say hi! As I mentioned before I’m having to move house (urgh) – I’ve now left my flat and am spending a month floating about various parts of the country until (fingers crossed) my new flat gets sorted! I can’t wait to get in and get sorted so I can start doing more exciting things with pantyland!

Despite all my roaming for the moment, I am taking orders as per usual and I’m extending my UK sale offer until the very end of this month, so there’s another few weeks yet! Hurrah!

Regular visitors to my knicker drawer may have noticed that I haven’t been posting new pairs of panties/socks etc…that’s because I’ve had to pack up all my beloved panties and bring them around everywhere with me in a little suitcase! Once I’m in my new flat I’m going to go on a little shopping spree and add loads of new numbers to my collection, so fear not!

I hope you’re all having a super summer!


Dr T x

UK Summer Sale!

Hello everyone!

These panties that I tweeted about a while back are now listed :D


In addition, I’m currently offering £5 off all my panties at the moment for UK panty lovers! Wahey! *flashes a bit of bum cheek*

‘What about us international panty-fiends?’, I hear you cry. I’ll explain, so hopefully you’ll understand and wont think I’m being unfair :( You might have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet recently; I’ve just split with my partner and all of a sudden I’m trying to balance uni and placement with the panic of trying to find somewhere to live now that we have to leave our flat (despite living in London where there’s loads of flats, 90% of them cost more than the moon) – so I’m suddenly faced with trying to find an unexpected deposit. Panties bought with gift vouchers, as lovely as they are, wont magic four walls and a roof :( – hence why the offer is for UK folks with the option of bank transfer.

I hope that makes sense to my overseas panty fans, and I will be doing a separate offer once everything is more settled, fear not :) To all my UK knicker-lovers….what are you waiting for ;)

Much love,

Dr Thong x

Oi Oi Sailor!

Evening everyone! I hope everyone has had a great weekend!

I’m finally parting with my absolute favourite underwear set, a cute little retro stripy number that I adore…I don’t wear it as much as I should and I figured that the few vintage-look lovers out there might give it a new loving home ;)


I’ve also added loads of new random goodies like some tights and leggings to name a few. Will hopefully be able to have a bit of a panty shop soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Love, Dr T x

My Birthday Special!


It’s my birthday!

Well, it’s on the 9th March, but I’ve got a little birthday treat going on all week for you lucky lot…

I’m giving away a pair of my panties totally free to one lucky panty-lover! The winner can choose any pair of panties they like and they’ll come with the usual three pictures of me wearing them and posted off to a new home! This offer is only available to UK customers due to shipping cost reasons, sorry international panty lovers :( All you need to do is follow the instructions below, and on Monday 10th March I’ll put all the entries into a bowl and pick out the winner on video! Piece of cake! (Of the birthday kind!) ;)

To enter my birthday giveaway, all you need to do is click here!

If you fancy surprising me as a birthday treat, my wishlist is here ;)